1. BriskLimbs

A video management and sharing application to setup your own video sharing site allowing users to upload, share, comment and create playlists.

PHP, MySQL, Twig, jQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Ffmpeg, HTML, CSS

Home page

Admin area
Admin Area

2. MLSData (Internal, VinAudit)

A system for crawling rental properties from multiple websites and programmatically analyzing them to suggest best properties to invest in

Python, Scrapy, Selenium, PHP, Slim, MySQL, jQuery




3. Vehicle.report

A website to retrieve and display vehicle history by VIN, market value, ownership cost and guidance to get the best insurance.

PHP, WordPress, jQuery

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4. ClipBucket

Open source video sharing website script

PHP, MySQL, Smarty, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, Ffmpeg, Ffprobe


TV Shows


5. Jenny

A personal AI assistant I created to do mundane tasks and boost my productivity

python, json, html

6. InstantHTML

An instant HTML + Bootstrap editor to see changes in realtime

HTML, CSS, jQuery

7. Raven

A standalone video management and processing API allowing storage, streaming, editing and multiserver support

Laravel, PHP, Ffmpeg, MySQL, JSON

8. Quoty

An application to cut small movie clips based on subtitles. The idea was to have a clip to express anything I have to say.

Laravel, PHP, Blade, MySQL, jQuery, Ffmpeg

9. ImgDaemon (Internal, VinAudit)

A system for downloading, processing and backing up millions of vehicle images

PHP, Multithreading, cURL, BackBlaze, ImageMagick

10. PostPlan (Internal, Tootter)

A tool to schedule social media (FB, TW, LI) posting and automate user interaction (TW)

PHP, Facebook API, Twitter API, LinkedIn API

11. ImportDash (Internal, VinAudit)

A system to collect and dynamically process accident records from dozens of US states and organize data in a dashboard

PHP, Python, MySQL

12. MpegMagic

A helper to discover, download, convert & edit videos, photos & music

PHP, YouTubeDl, Ffmpeg, ImagMagick, Multiple APIs

13. ClipPress (Internal, ClipBucket)

ClipBucket plugin to integrate ClipBucket and WordPress Single sign-on

ClipBucket, WordPress, PHP, cURL