YouTube-dl Download and Documentation

I was a long time user of YTMusic, a premium music subscription service. One day they randomly stopped accepting payments from my card. I tried a few others but nothing worked. In a few days I lost access to all my songs and I had to start with a new account with no explanation for what happened.

I decided to not let this happen again and started building a backup of songs. Every time I liked a song, I would append it to list on Evernote. Now whenever I need to have all those songs available locally, I run the following command which iterates over each song title, searches youtube and dowloads first video’s audio. This is about 96% accurate :D

`youtube-dl -a smallkeys.txt –no-playlist –default-search ytsearch -x -f bestaudio –extract-audio –audio-format mp3 –audio-quality 0  –write-info-json –skip-download