I was that kid who played with a toy for a few minutes and then tore it apart to see what was underneath. Then tried to rebuild. I was always curious to know how things happen. I was always so eager to create.

I was that little kid running around and gravitating towards stories. I read them. I wrote them. I told them. I always thought my destiny was to be a writer and that was all I wanted to be. Then I discovered blogging back in 2011 during my first year of college and it felt even more true.

Blogging exposed me to websites and more importantly, code. That’s when the unexpected click happened. I loved it. I loved it because code allowed me to express myself. It allowed me to create and have an impact at the same time and I’ve never looked back since.

I started with HTML, CSS and PHP and later JavaScript, Python, and joys of Linux. Then Laravel, Scrapy, Selenium, and a plethora of other technologies along the way. I wrote my first code in 2013-14, started my first job in 2015 and now even 6 years later, it still feels as exciting and joyful as ever.

This is my playground to organize my notes and share my learnings with the world.